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Pain Relieving Gel for Body and Joint Pain | LL Relief Roll On

Pain Relieving Gel for Body and Joint Pain | LL Relief Roll On

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Body pain is a disorder that affects the body's Tissue. It is commonly described as a feeling of pain in the body parts. Body pain is a very common disorder and it is caused by a wide variety of conditions, both physical and mental.

Key Benefits

Roll On is a combination of effective ayurvedic analgesic ingredients and oils

Roll On the gel on the painful area and notice the pain disappear in minutes

Roll on the gel on all painful muscles, like the back, neck, joints and sprains

It is easy to apply. Just Roll it on and it the pain will disappear


Main ingredients of Roll On are:

Ajowan ke phool or Trachyspermum ammi

An ayurvedic medicine to treat painful joints and muscles for arthritis and rheumatism

Extremely efficient treatment for muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, joint pains

Heals sprained muscles quickly

Very effective in the treatment of viral & bacterial infections. A good antiseptic & anti-parasitic medication

Gives quick relief from pain due to its antispasmodic quality


Pudina ke phool or Mentha piperita.

Effective analgesic

Ayurvedic painkiller, without any side effects

Is effective in healing pains of muscles, joints, back, and neck

Brings relief to arthritis pain, backaches and sprains


Karpoor or Camphor; Cinnamomum camphora

Has Strong analgesic qualities, giving quick relief from pain

No side effects due to its ayurvedic nature

Very effective antibacterial and antifungal medication

Reduces mild to moderate pain and swelling


Tarpin ka tel or Oil of Turpentine :

Pine tree oil, relieves joint pain, muscle pain and nerve pain

Good decongestant

Antiseptic in nature, helps to heal cuts and bruises


Nilgiri ka tel or Eucalyptus oil:

Strongly analgesic, gives pain relief

Reduces inflammation of joints, in patients with rheumatism & arthritis

Relief from osteoarthritis pain

Common neck and back pain can vanish quickly with Roll On


Wintergreen oil or oil from Gaultheria procumbens

Natural analgesic

Decreases pain caused by arthritic joints,  weak muscles, back aches, neck pains

Ayurvedic medicine with antiarthritic, antiseptic and astringent properties used for pain relief

Numbs the pain quickly as easily absorbable

Helps circulation of  blood thereby lowers irritation and swelling

Best to treat pains of chronic diseases like arthritis, rheumatism and gout

Treats minor aches and pains easily including back pain, muscle pain

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FAQ on LL-Relief Roll On for back , joint & muscle pain

LL-Relief roll on pro & con’s

Is LL-Relief roll-on is best for muscle, joint & back pain?

There are several pain relief roll on is in the market . LL-Relief roll on is built with natural ingredients and under best supervision. If not sure then do Try first before buying . Create your free account with us to receive free gift code from us in advance .

can I try LL-Relief roll on before buying?

Sure . Just create your account with us to receive free gift code . You can receive this code to buy the product from our website.

is there any side effects of LL-Relief roll on ?

No there is no side effect of using any natural & herbal products. LL-Relief is tested and observed by team of analyst for better results .