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GG Green Mint - Pearls

GG Green Mint - Pearls

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Product Description

GG Green Mint Capsules are ayurvedic and contain peppermint oil as their main ingredient. Being 100% natural they are safe to use. The capsules are highly effective for controlling Acidity, Gas, and Indigestion problems.

It gives quick relief from ailments like ingestion, heartburn, stomachache, bloating, flatulence, and other digestion-related issues. It helps to restore a person’s digestive health by treating hyperacidity.

The main active ingredients of GG Green Mint are:

  1. Mentha Piperita (commonly known as Peppermint)
  2. Mentha Spicata (commonly known as Spearmint)


Key Benefits of GG Green Mint Capsules:

- 100% natural and safe as it is an ayurvedic preparation.

- Effective in treating stomach ailments like acidity, heartburn, indigestion, stomach discomfort.

- Provides symptomatic relief from flatulence and bloating.

 - Improves digestion.

- Naturally, alleviates hyperacidity and its symptoms.

- Increases appetite, decreases nausea, and heartburn

Recommended Dosage

GG Green Mint capsules can be consumed either before taking meals or after meals. However, taking it after meals is recommended for achieving the best results.

 In case you miss any dose of GG Green Mint capsule, ensure to take it as soon as you remember however, it should not be taken close to your next dose of the capsule.

Recommended dosage for adults:

One capsule 2–3 times a day.

Recommended dosage for children above 12 years:

One capsule per day.

GG Green Mint capsules are not recommended for children below 12 years of age.


Warnings / Side Effects of GG Green Mint Capsules

Like any other ayurvedic medicine, GG Green Mint has not been reported to have any significant side effects. However, there are a few observations which are reported below:

  • Some people may notice burps post-consumption.
  • There is a lasting mint flavor in the mouth, which may or may not be liked by some.

Medicine Safety information:

  1. Read the label and instructions carefully before use.
  2. It is not recommended for children below 12 years of age.
  3. Keep out of children’s reach.
  4. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Mild overdose is not reported to cause any significant symptoms or reactions; however, it is safe not to consume any overdose of the capsule, like any other medicine.
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