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Botanical name: Bacopa monnieri 
Tablets 60

How does BRAHMI from Rawiacare act on the body:
Brahmi means the substance that improves intelligence.
Brahmi is used as a strong mental tonic, that improves memory and intelligence.
Brahmi is a powerful ayurvedic medicine which calms the mind, improves a person’s
thinking process, attention time, mental agility, memory thus enhancing the cognition
skills. It consolidates memory. Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri has compounds called bacosides, that have strong antioxidant properties. These antioxidants help to enhance the brain functions by reducing stress and anxiety. The antioxidant offers neuroprotection by regulating some key enzymes in the brain. The enzymes scavenge some reactive oxygen radicals in the brain. This aids in decreasing unnatural but age related brain degradation. Brahmi is an ideal brain tonic for young adults and working professionals. It may also help to reduce ADHD symptoms like restlessness, inability to focus, impulsivity, and poor self-control. It may also help to keep blood pressure under control.

Directions for Use/ Dosage
1 or 2 capsules should be used daily with meals twice a day.
As directed by your physician.

Precautions While Taking This Medicine:

  •  Read the label thoroughly before use.
  •  Store in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight.
  •  Keep away from the reach of children.
  •  Use only under medical supervision.

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